Rotary help for Ukraine - Zusammenarbeit im Rahmen des ISFR im WInter 2022

Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2022

PDG M. Hauser

Dear friends of ISFR, dear Rotarians.

During the months of February and March 2022, under the umbrella of ISFR, you all have contributed to helping Ukraine. We would like to specially highlight and thank the following clubs, companies and individuals,

  • Rotary Club Salzburg St.Rupert
  • Rotary Club St.Moritz
  • PSM Protech, GmbH
  • Rotary Stiftung Schweiz
  • ISFR Europe
  • Participants of ISFR Week 2022
  • Irene Wagner
  • Albert Jerabek
  • Gianluigi di Marci
  • and Thorwald Prebensen

Together you have collected 34 704,- EUR. In addition, RC Salzburg and PSM Protech, GmbH contributed goods, mainly clothing, weighing approx. 2 000 kg, which were transported to a distribution warehouse near the border with Ukraine.
In our home club RC Bratislava Danube we have added to this amount the donation of our partner club RC Coburg and our own members' funds to reach a total amount of 55 500.-EUR. Within D 2240 we became, in partnership with ISFR and RC Coburg, the Rotary club with the largest contribution to the total amount raised of 1,8 Mio EUR.

Under the coordination of the District 2240 Ukraine Relief Committee and by mutual agreement, the funds collected by ISFR and our Rotary Club were used to purchase 5 ambulances, their retrofitting and 5 pieces of paramedic's backpacks.
The individual vehicles were handed over successively to the selected beneficiaries as recommended by the cooperating RC Uzhorod.

On top of the financial funds, D-2240 managed to relocate 5 500 refugees from Ukraine to the EU and transported cca 500 000 kg of material assistance.

Another important fact is that D-2240 and our club will continue helping Ukraine. The upcoming activities consist of buying more ambulance cars, ambulance apparatus, pellets for filtering water into wells and other contaminated water, filtration equipment, vacuum pumps, tourniquets and other necessary medical equipment and, last but not least, food and drinking water. For logistical purposes, our D-2240 recently rented and equipped a warehouse for humanitarian material.

We cordially thank all of you for your contribution and extraordinary help.

With Rotarian greetings

Miloš Kmety


International Skiing Fellowship of Rotarians Europe



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Pavol Šalátek

President 2021/2022

Rotary Club Bratislava Danube



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